Sally paints Eddie Izzard in the Final of Sky Portrait Artist of the Year

Sally paints Eddie Izzard in the Final of Sky…

Sally was excited and honoured to paint comedian, actor, writer and political activist, Eddie Izzard in the Final of Sky Portrait Artist of the Year, Series 7. She was thrilled for winner Curtis Holder, following an exhilarating and intense final day of the competition. The programme also unveiled a portrait of Sally’s friend, role model, former teacher and artist, Yeside Linney, which she was commissioned to complete for the Final in just two days.

Sally and her portrait of Eddie Izzard

Here’s what Sally had to say about the Final:

“Taking part in Sky Portrait Artist of the Year, Series 7, has been one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences of my life. When I entered the competition, I never imagined progressing this far. It has been incredible to get such insightful feedback from all the judges and this has been transformative in terms of my development as an artist. Painting Eddie Izzard was an enormous privilege and a wonderful way to conclude the competition. Eddie is such an intelligent, sensitive and endlessly fascinating person – her tales throughout the day were nothing less than inspirational. In the portrait, I wanted to capture a delicate balance between my sense of Eddie’s strength and fragility.”

Eddie Izzard

“The day was made even more special when I was joined by my dear friend Yeside Linney who taught me English at secondary school but who has since become a role model, friend as well as becoming an artist herself. I could have done with a few more weeks to complete the commissioned portrait, but I hope it manages to convey the grace and calm wisdom which I admire in her.”

Yeside Linney

“I also couldn’t have asked for two more inspirational artists to paint alongside. Alvin-Kofi’s soulful work has been outstanding throughout the competition, and winner Curtis Holder is a thoroughly deserving winner – his completely original approach to portraiture was a joy to watch and his commission was extraordinarily beautiful and tender.”

Eddie and Yeside
Sally at work on her portrait of Eddie
Sally reaches the end of the journey
Yeside and Tai-Shan Schierenberg

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