Sky Portrait Artist of the Year – The Semi-Final

Sky Portrait Artist of the Year – The Semi-Final

Sally reaches the Final of Sky Portrait Artist of the Year!

After a very intense Semi-Final, Sally was thrilled that her four-hour painting of Booker Prize winner Bernardine Evaristo won her a place in the Final of Sky Portrait Artist of the Year, Series 7. To watch the final, tune in to Sky Arts (now free to view on Freeview, channel 11) on Wednesday 16th December at 8pm.

Here’s what Sally had to say about the Semi-Final:

 “The Semi-Final was such an exciting and intense day. I don’t think I’ve ever concentrated that hard for that long! The seven other artists are all so talented and created some beautiful paintings – it was a privilege to paint alongside them. I have also been so lucky to have had two amazing sitters in this competition so far – Melanie Sykes and Bernardine Evaristo. My portrait of Bernardine was very challenging. I wanted to incorporate a lot of components, including Bernardine’s amazing shirt, her headband and the vertical stack of books behind her. Half-way through the painting I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish in time, but somehow I just about managed it with seconds to spare.”

“Having watched PAOTY for many years and admired the artists who have appeared, it is an honour to have reached the final. Fellow finalists, Curtis Holder and Alvin-Kofi are both such brilliant, inspiring artists; painting alongside them in the final will be a special experience whatever the outcome!”   

More photos from the Semi-Final:

Time-lapse footage of Sally creating her painting of Bernardine:

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